Monday, June 30, 2014

Reflect a shape in a horizontal mirror line

Multiplying 10's and 100's

The Lone Robot

WALT:Show Not Tell

I walk around in to the deep dark forest and the floor is covered deep in orange,yellow and red colored leaves.I walk throw them.The leaves felt  rough,wet and damp.As I reach the end I see in the distance a big blackly grey coluer as it dicerperars as it gose into the the bright blue sky.I see a big thing rushing by I jump on to it and when I get on it I reallys that it is a Train.It rushes up to this factory but on the way I have a sleep. When I wake up I see this forklift gushing up to me and then it turns left.I just about made me scream because it scared me so much.

Monday, June 23, 2014

WALT: Show Not Tell

5746813_orig.jpgHanging Bed By Caitlin

WALT: Show Not Tell

It was a bright hot day in a place full of trees as I set up my sleeping place as I  add all the pillows and cushions. That’s where I will sleep tonight and the rest of the year.As the darkness fulls in I get changed and put on onezies and  jump under my blanckets as I full a sleep I can still here the birds cherping all threw the night.As the sandflyies land on my and then I slap them off all threw the night.I wake up the next morning I have sandfly bites on my because I must of got biten threw the night.Yay now my freind have come to join me in the wild with all that surrounds me but trees.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Main Stars- Kindness

For my first random act of kindness I went and luxed my hole house top to bottom. Mum thought it was wonder full and said she would have me do it again some time.
For my second random act of kindness I helped mum make a cake for Denise. She has been sick. So me and mum made a banana cake for her. YUM!!!
For my third random act of kindness I helped my Great  Nana Peel eggs and I mashed they for her.(She did not ask me to do this)
For my fourth random act of kindness I went to  Nana's and I cleaned her car for her. Nana said ''Well Caitlin It was lovely of you to offer You did a great job Thank you.

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Main Stars- Camp Book

For the camp books everyone got one there was lot of things to do like..

Word search's
Kea Page
Kiwi Page
What you have you seen
What you have done
Devils Punch Bowl

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Green Porridge

This book has been wrote by Helen Putland and Illustrated by Rob Sinclair.The Genre is Science Fiction.
I would say the age for people to read this book is 7-9. I would rate it 5/5.This book is funny.Adam has just started the fifth grade.


Sunday, June 01, 2014

Main Stars- Take the cake

To Mrs O,
I would like to nominate ******* in room 10.
For always being kind and always showing the Grey Main Way.
From Caitlin in Room 11.

Main Stars

This term I have done all my main stars and created a presentation about them. I have done all my main stars this year. I think I am going ...