Thursday, October 30, 2014

Main Stars - Outdoors

For My outdoors Main Star I am growing cherry tomatoes.We got the plant a few weeks a go
now they are outside in a vegetable y garden.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Main Stars - Poems

This Poem is by Roald Dahl.
It is called Pure Imagination

Come with me and you'll be
In a world of pure imagination
Take a look and you'll see
Into your imagination

We'll begin with a spin
Travelling in the world of my creation
What we'll see will defy

If you want to view paradise
Simply look around and view it
Anything you want to, do it
Want to change the world, there's nothing to it

There is no life I know
To compare with pure imagination
Living there, you'll be free
If you truly wish to be

There is no life I know
To compare with pure imagination
Living there, you'll be free
If you truly wish to be

Main Stars - 150 Years

Main Stars - Christmas Decoration

My Christmas decoration was made out of recycled stuff. It was made out of a toilet roll, a  old bit of brown card and glue or cellotape.

New Zealand Flag Recreated

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Real Art Roadshow

Toady room 11 walked down to the Real Art Roadshow at the Grey High School. There was over 76 types of art. Most of the art had been made by people from New Zealand.There was only one artist that had 2 bits of art in the truck. There was about 66 artist art on this truck. The truck has been to all of the schools on the West Coast. 

One of Favourite bit of art was one with lots of glitter on it.It was a picture on a beach.There was black glitter and blue glitter.The blue was for the main background.The black was for the trees in the picture.There were more bits of art I loved but this would have been in the top 2 bits of art.

I loved the  Real Art   Roadshow.I think you should go to it.My rating would be 10/10.There is all types of art there and I loved it.

Thanks for reading this post.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bindi Sea Animal Rescue - Personal Response

The Genre of this book is:Mystery and Detective The summary of this book:Bindi is a child who brings friends over from England to come and play with her,One day they go on the boat and one of them gets sea sick. There was a oil spill a fisherman in the water and bindi looking at whales Will she be able to save everything in time with her friends help? Read the book to find out

EJ12 Rocky Road - Personal Response

Look at my Posters I made.I made them on Poster My Wall.
Here's My Wanted poster
Heres my Summary 

Pee in the shower and save water

In fact the students, Chris Dobson and Debs Torr, have created the #go with the flow which encourages students at their university to take their morning wee in the shower. The theory is that this habit will save thousands of liters of water each year. The pair believe that combining the two activities would save 12 litres of water per day.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

WALT: use co-ordinates to find position

Write the coordinates of the following objects

Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 11.10.42 AM.png (  4,6  )
Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 11.10.36 AM.png ( 9 , 4 )
Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 11.10.30 AM.png( 6 , 1 )
Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 11.10.25 AM.png ( 4 , 3 )
Screenshot 2014-10-16 at 11.10.17 AM.png ( 5 ,5  )

Put a  for each Roman coin found at the following coordinates:   

(4,2)  (10,3)  (3,6)   (7,5)  (6,6)

Remember to go across then up and co-ordinates always have brackets and a comma.

1. Record the co-ordinates for the halloween items.
Pumpkin (6 , 8)
Witch (8 , 1)
Flying witch (2 , 3)
Spider's web (1 ,9 )
Ghost ( 9, 7)

2. Add pictures of these on the grid at the correct co-ordinates. You can google an image of these.
Witches hat (5,6)
Broomstick (10, 2)
Black cat (3, 8)
Bat (3, 4)
Couldron (5, 10)

3. Add 2 pictures on the grid. List them below with their co-ordinates.

( 1,2)

Kiwi Kids News -5 year old fan proposes to Demi Lovato

A five year old fan proposed to pop star, Demi Lovato, during her show last weekend…and she said yes!
After spotting a fan’s sign in the crowd reading “Demi, I have a ring for you”, Demi stopped her concert and invited the five year old on stage.Demi then helped Grant through the proposal as he got down on one knee and asked. “Demi, will you marry me?” to which she answered, “I will!”The crowd cheered as Grant then gave his ‘fiance’ a kiss on the cheek.

EJ12 making wave - Personal Reponse

EJ12 Kimono Code - Personal Response

Dirty Dirty Burb - Personal Response

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Main Stars - Do Something kind for others

Dear Bree

I would like to

Thank- You

for having me at the holiday program for today and yesterday. It was great fun and I loved it. All the activity's I loved to do. You are funny, kind and caring. You are a great person. My favourite thing to do was the swimming and the baking and decorating the cake we made. My favourite thing about you is your humour it is really, really funny So thank you again and see you next time.=-)

Yours Sincerely   


Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Main Stars - Weekley food planer

My Plan
Cereal with yogurt Tin Peaches and a milo
Cereal with yogurt Tin Peaches and a milo
Cereal with yogurt Tin Peaches and a milo
Cereal with yogurt Tin Peaches and a milo
Cereal with yogurt Tin Peaches and a milo
Eggs on Toast and a milo
Cereal with yogurt Tin Peaches and a milo
Toasted sandwich with a banana
Ham Salad wrap and some cashew nuts
rice cakes with tomatoes and a biscuit
Wrap and some rice crackers
chicken salad and a mandarin
bacon sandwich and cashew nuts
salad with crackers and cheese
Roast Chicken with
peas, corn
Curried Sausages with rice
Mince Burritos
Fish n Chips
Pork Chops
lettuce with potato bake
Spaghetti on toast
Ice Block


Ice Cream with chocolate sauce

My Grocery List  

Weet Bix - 2.50
yoghurt  - 4.50
2x Tin Peaches - 4.90
Milo - 8.96
eggs -3.25
bread - 1.00
cheese - 4.40
ham 2.50
Tomatoes - 3.50
Wraps - 2.85
Bananas - 2.50
Cashew Nuts - 4.29
Rice Cakes - 2.25
Chocolate chip biscuits - 2.69
Lettuce - 3.29
Carrots - 2.29
rice crackers - 2.00
Chicken Breast - 6.00
mandarins - 3.00
bacon - 7.00
Mince - 10
Sour Cream - 1.50
nacho chips - 2.99
Roast chicken - 10.00
Potato - 2.49
peas- 2.06
corn - 2.30
sausages - 5.5-
Sausages - 5.50
Curried sausage mix - 3.65
Rice - 1.60
Burrito kit - 4.90
Fish n Chips - 10
Pork chops - 10
Packet potato bake - 1.49
tin spaghetti - 1.00
Ice blocks - 2.00
chocolate - 2.25
Ice cream - 4.50
chocolate sauce - 3.49

Main Stars

This term I have done all my main stars and created a presentation about them. I have done all my main stars this year. I think I am going ...