Monday, November 24, 2014

Main Stars - Bug Hunt

For my bug hunt I found

  • A bumble bee 
  • worms
  • beetles
  • caterpillars 
  • A leaf bug
  • A moth
  • A butterfly 

and that was all

Thursday, November 20, 2014

World running out of chocolate

World running out of chocolate

With markets emerging in developing countries such as India and China, the demand for novelty goods such as chocolate is expanding rapidly. According to New Zealand Company Whittakers, the world could face a temporary shortage in chocolate due to this increased demand having the potential to outstrip supply.
The two biggest chocolate makers in the world, Mars and Barry Callebaut, claim that farmers are producing less cocoa than what the world is demanding to buy. The reasons behind this are linked to the extremely dry weather and a fungal disease known as frosty pod.
However Matt Whittaker, who is the national sales manager for Whittakers, comments that talk of cocoa running out has been around for decades. He mentions that it is more of a matter of demand outstripping supply, which consequently will have implications on the price of chocolate worldwide in the future

Dirty Bertie Mud - Personal Response

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Main Stars - Own Choice

Stars : 5 /5
Genre :Mystery and Detective
Reading Age :8 - 14

Shadow is about a boy that lived in Afghanistan and is telling his friends granddad what happened there. he is telling him in a detention center. The story is very sad and in one point he is in a box with 12 other people and there is not much air. I think the genre is realistic fiction because this is happening in some countries. My favourite character is shadow because she helps the boy get to a military base so he is safe.

Lily Alone - Personal Response

Main Stars

This term I have done all my main stars and created a presentation about them. I have done all my main stars this year. I think I am going ...