Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Haiku Poems

The Crackling Hot Fire
The Burning Hot Heat Coming Out
I Love Fires

I love Playing Hockey
The Wet Days Are The Best
Winning Is Better Though

I love Playing With Dogs
I Love Chasing Them With Their Toys
I love Patting Them Too

The Damp Wet Cold Grass
Slowly Sinking Into My Toes
Chasing Around Friends

The Fresh Cold Water
I  Love Going To The Swimming Pool
I love Playing There

The Blooming Flowers
The Amazing Blooming Flowers Are Cool
The Wet Delact Soft Petals

I Love Hot Days
The Lions Are Playing
It’s A Spring Day
I Love Chocolate
The Cool Chocolate Running Down My Throat
I Love To Eat It

I love School Work
I Love Learning About Differnent Things
I Love Learning

The Tall Deep Green Trees
Trees Have Very Big Trunks
They Have Small Leaves

Up A Tiny Hills
Thee Is Very Big Trees To Climb
Very Long Skinny Grass

Wet Cold Rainy Days
Stack Up With Warm Clothes
Don’t Go Outside

Remember Poems

Waiting in line
Screaming going down the hill
Yelling all the way
Never feeling sick
Lining up and up again
Not wanting the day to end
Feeling excited and pumped

The hard rain
Wet soggy laces
Dripping wet uniforms
Nevously waiting to start
Hitting the ball
Hearingthe wistle
Supporters cheering
Team yelling
That was my first goal

That black face poking out the window
Chasing her around the yard
Having the first cuddle
Playing with her toys
Falling over walking her
That was Jazzy

The cold water
Ice frezzing around me
Moving of the trampoline
Hitting the water
Hanging out with friends
That was the pool

Cool crisp air
Frosty roads
Iceicels hanging
Too cold
Ice windows
That was winter

Colour Poems

Orange looks like bright things
Orange smells like sweet foods
Orange sounds like people cheering
Orange tastes like orange juice
Orange feels soft and detect

Grey looks like a wet winters night
Grey smells like smoke alight
Grey sounds like a wolf howling
Grey tastes like pastry
Grey feels like a stormy grey

Green looks like wet muddy grass
Green smells like spring
Green sounds like a lamb baaaaing
Green tastes like a green apple
Green feels like wet grass between you toes

Blue looks like the deep blue sea
Blue smells like blueberry muffins just been made
Blue sounds like bluebells hanging in trees
Blue tatses like blueberry ice cream running down my throat
Blue feels like a heart beat

Yellow looks like a sun set
Yellow smells of sweet flowers
Yellow sounds like children
Yellow tastes of sour lemons

Yellow feels delect

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