Thursday, September 17, 2015

All My Poems For My Anthology


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Haiku Poem

  • It Is Short
  • Only 3 Lines
  • Line 1 Has 5 Syllables
  • Line 2 Has 7 Syllables
  • Line 3 has 3  Syllables

The Crackling Hot Fire
The Burning Hot Heat Coming Out
I Love Fires

I love Playing Hockey
The Wet Days Are The Best
Winning Is Better Though

I love Playing With Dogs
I Love Chasing Them With Their Toys
I love Patting Them Too

The Damp Wet Cold Grass
Slowly Sinking !!Into My Toes
Chasing Around Friends

The Fresh Cold Water
I  Love Going To The Swimming Pool
I love Playing There

The Blooming Flowers
The Amazing Blooming Flowers Are Cool
The Wet Delact Soft Petals

I Love Hot Days
The Lions Are Playing
It’s A Spring Day

I Love Chocolate
The Cool Chocolate Running Down My Throat
I Love To Eat It

I love School Work
I Love Learning About Different Things
I Love Learning

The Tall Deep Green Trees
Trees Have Very Big Trunks
They Have Small Leaves

Up A Tiny Hills
There Is Very Big Trees To Climb
Very Long Skinny Grass

Wet Cold Rainy Days
Stack Up With Warm Clothes
Don’t Go Outside

                                                                                          Remember Poem’s

Does Not Rhyme
Starts With Remember
A Memory

Waiting in line
Screaming going down the hill
Yelling all the way
Never feeling sick
Lining up and up again
Not wanting the day to end
Feeling excited and pumped

The hard rain
Wet soggy laces
Dripping wet uniforms
Nervously waiting to start
Hitting the ball
Hearing The whistle
Supporters cheering
Team yelling
That was my first goal

That black face poking out the window
Chasing her around the yard
Having the first cuddle
Playing with her toys
Falling over walking her
That was Jazzy

The cold water
Ice freezing around me
Moving of the trampoline
Hitting the water
Hanging out with friends
That was the pool

Cool crisp air
Frosty roads
Icicles hanging
Too cold
Ice windows
That was winter

Colour Poems

A poem about your favorite colour. Express your feelings about a single colour with analogies or similes or list nouns which are (or remind you of) that colour.
Another easy form is to use the 5 senses-looks like, sounds like, smells like, tastes like, feels like.

Orange looks like bright things
Orange smells like sweet foods
Orange sounds like people cheering
Orange tastes like orange juice
Orange feels soft and delicate

Grey looks like a wet winter's night
Grey smells like smoke alight
Grey sounds like a wolf howling
Grey tastes like pastry
Grey feels like a stormy grey

Green looks like wet muddy grass
Green smells like spring
Green sounds like a lamb baaing
Green tastes like a green apple
Green feels like wet grass between your toes

Blue looks like the deep blue sea
Blue smells like blueberry muffins just been made
Blue sounds like bluebells hanging in trees
Blue tastes like blueberry ice cream running down my throat
Blue feels like a heartbeat

Yellow looks like a sunset
Yellow smells of sweet flowers
Yellow sounds like children
Yellow tastes of sour lemons
Yellow feels delete

Shape Poems

*A descriptive poem
*In the shape of the object it is describing
*Doesn’t rhyme

Lollies are yum
Lollies are sweet and sour
Lollies are sold to eat
Lollies are made of sugar and rot your teeth
Lollies are bad to eat


A phrase or form of words written in memory of a person who has died, especially as an inscription on a tombstone.
Although epitaphs are usually serious, it’s also possible for a rhyming epitaph to tell a funny story in a very short way. Often a funny epitaph is only four lines long.

Here lyes poor Nadia
She watched the movie Narnia
She cried and cried
That's when when she died

Here lyes poor Ash
She got covered in ash
She went to mash
And that's the story of Ash


*Line 1: Title (noun) - 1 word
*Line 2: Description (adjective) - 2 words
*Line 3: Action (verb) - 3 words
*Line 4: Feeling (phrase) - 4 words
*Line 5: Title (synonym for the title) - 1 word

Crisp air
Cold frosty roads
The sun not coming

Dark blue
Waves crashing in
Flowing in the beach

Team game
Shooting the goals
I love playing hockey


*Line 1: Noun or subject - one word
*Line 2: Two Adjectives that describe line 1
*Line 3: Three 'ing words that describe line 1
*Line 4: Four nouns - the first two are connected with line 1; the last two are connected with line 7
*Line 5: Three 'ing words that describe line 7
*Line 6: Two adjectives that describe line 7
*Line 7: Noun Synonym for the subject

Wet Fun
Moving Freezing Diving
Friends Togs Exercise Run
Playing Running Walking
Team work


*This means that lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme and lines 3 and 4 rhyme
*Lines 1, 2 and 5 should have 7-10 syllables and lines 3 and 4 should have 5 - 7 syllables

Once there was a girl called Flossy
She was always bossy
She fell out of bed
And bumped her head
And that was the end of Flossy

Once there was a girl called Yolo
She was friends with Colo
They went to the pool
Yolo got cool
And that was the end of Yolo


*The first letters of each line are aligned vertically to form a word.
*The word often is the subject of the poem.

Cool chocolate ice cream going down my throat
Awesome at swimming races
Icing chocolate sponges
Talking all the time
Likes playing hockey in the rain
Intellegent at reading
Never gives up at things

Super at hockey
Awesome at everything
Mentally creative


Why Not
Don’t yell
Don’t be crazy
Don’t tell
Don’t lie Masie
Don’t eat moldy cheese
Don’t say please
Don’t use your manners
Don’t whisper
Don’t listen
Don’t follow rules
Don’t sit
Don’t Stand
Don’t raise your hand
Don’t row
Don’t go low
Don’t go no
Don’t go yes
Don’t make a noise
Don’t make toys
Don’t talk
Don’t walk
Don’t run
Don’t Play

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