Sunday, October 11, 2015

Last Week Of The School Holidays

Hi Guys
This week I have been away at my Dads Mum and Dads House. I had a great time and this is what I did.
MONDAY: Looked after my youngest cousin  Joshua and went swimming at Rolleston Pool.
TUESDAY: Had a home day and dance in the backyard.
WENSDAY: Smiggles, shopping and another swim at Rolleston.
THURSDAY: Had a home day,Baking and a dance in the backyard.
FRIDAY: Out with Ella, Sophie, Nicky and Nana on the Tram and the Gondola in Christchurch.
SATURDAY: Going home for school.
I would like to thank them for having me and I love you guys.
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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Custom Converse

This is my dream pair of converse I made. For an activity to do. If only I could get them!!!
Hope you are having a great school holiday and see you next week.
My Converse 
2 Pair 
Make Your Own

Main Stars

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