Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Weekly Reflection ~ Term 1 Week 4

This week has been a busy week at school.

When we went to technology. I have Mr Robinson as my teacher. We have been working on 3D drawing and printing . I am creating a container for my hair ties and my bobbie pins.  This week we had to create a drawing or doc and add ideas for what we want in our Christmas cracker. I added ideas to my drawing.

This week for reading we have been doing activity's for the water tower. I had to chose a word and create a drawing on it. Also I had to chose how it was used in the book and to show my understanding off it. I like what I did and I think it was a cool idea from Mr Wood.

For Maths we have been creating graphs. Mr B have made us focus on line graph and the 10 day weather forecast in Greymouth. I chose to create a drawing and made the title fancy and did it well. We printed them off and placed them on the wall.

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