Friday, April 07, 2017

Weekly Reflection ~ T1 W9

This week we have been doing lots
I went to Canterbury to compete in breaststroke 50m. I got 2nd in my heat and 15th overall out of 45. I think I did got because it was my first  time going. It was hard because of the diving block .

We had to make a learning map. First we had to put our name into the middle. Then we write people around our name that are  important to us. Who helps me learn and tools that help me with my learning. Then we had to write a change priority is here is mine ~

 I want to be extended in my maths, I will do this by doing year 9-10 maths and write down examples in my maths book. In the middle of term 2 Mr Wood will check with me how my goal is going. 

For tech this week we had to create a house that would stand the weather. It was hard to come up with an idea because I didn't know a lot about. I had to find out about it and come up with an idea. Mine was a house that can go up and down. So if it was flooding it could go up and if it was windy it could go down.

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